I am Christi Chandler and I am a fashion addict. After many years of denial, studies and even therapy, I have decided that I cannot beat it so I might as well enjoy it.

Unlike most of the avid shoppers out there, I am not addicted to going to door-to-door in search of the perfect outfit; I am addicted to going from site-to-site in search of the greatest deal on the most fashionable pieces.

The thought of scouring through racks of clothing literally makes me cringe. After all, who limits themselves to a handful of stores when they literally have the world at their fingertips? Not to mention, what is more exciting than pulling into your driveway only to see a perfectly-wrapped brown pretty awaiting your arrival? You can literally have Christmas, your birthday, treat yourself or whatever you want to call it as many times as you like with just a few clicks and one ‘confirmation’.

So, what is the point in this blog? This blog is my invitation for you to enjoy the same deals that I do. Over the years, I have had friends ask me questions such as “where did you get that” and “how do you find such great deals”. These questions have inspired me to share all of my little secrets so that you, too, can enjoy a little (or a lot) of luxury for less.


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