choo, choo!

okay, so i have a small confession to make. i have literally put off even looking into the jimmy choo sale. reason why? because the last thing that this girl needs is a new pair of shoes. so, i waited and boy am i sad that i did. i accomplished my goal of not partaking in any choo fun but only because my size is SOLD OUT in every shoe that i can justify buying ~ i mean, they DO have a pair of heels that look a whole lot like the pair that i bought this past summer sooooo, i dunno, i might just go back and confirm that order. in the meantime, i think you should strongly consider clicking over the the jimmy choo sale and here are just a few teasers:

i so LOVE DYLAN, especially now that he is priced at $598~don’t make that face, he use to be $1,195!!


a great choo staple is the PAPINA. much like the PERFUME, you can throw these on with shorts, a dress or jeans. what’s more is you will not have buyer’s remorse due to their incredibly low $225 price tag!


finally, i saved the best for last. check out DAXEN. can you say FUN?!? if your new year’s resolution was to shake things up a bit or if you just want an excuse to buy a great pair of booties, then you can fulfill your desires for $548 (its jimmy choo people).



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